A Life Coach is a dynamic role, based on service, purpose and empathy, focusing on SOLUTIONS.


🌟 Life coaching serves as your personal ally in achieving your goals. It involves partnering with a skilled professional who genuinely cares about your success. Together, we'll strategize to enhance your riding skills and equip you with the tools to overcome challenges like a champion. The exciting part? These skills extend beyond riding, positively impacting areas such as stress management, confidence building, and nurturing personal relationships. Brace yourself to excel both in your riding journey and life's broader aspects, all through the power of life coaching!🌟


Life coaching can greatly benefit you in your riding journey. Riding isn't just about technique; it's about interpreting your horse's thoughts and actions, applying aids effectively, and understanding what your horse needs to succeed. However, many people, especially women, have become disconnected from their feelings due to societal conditioning that discourages strong emotions. This emotional disconnect can affect all aspects of our lives, including riding. As a life coach, I can guide you in reconnecting with your true emotions, helping you interpret your horse's behavior more intuitively.

Moreover, our beliefs act as filters, shaping how we perceive ourselves and the world. Some view riding with excitement and adventure, while others see it as a realm of challenges and fears. I can help you uncover these subconscious beliefs and transform negative filters into empowering perspectives.

Through personalized coaching, we will work on rediscovering the sensations in your body, enhancing your emotional awareness, and reshaping your beliefs. This process will not only improve your riding skills but also positively impact various areas of your life. By addressing these emotional and mental aspects, you'll gain confidence, conquer challenges, and master your riding goals with a renewed sense of connection and understanding.

Does Life Coaching Really Work?

Absolutely! CLICK HERE to check out what my clients have had to say.

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